Bøger - Katolikker i Dialog

eBog / Bog - A Pope Francis Lexicon

11. nov. 2017 - 

"What an interesting idea: ask a wide range of writers and thinkers to reflect on Pope Francis's words. The result: this collection of intelligent and accessible essays. This is a book to keep on the bedside table and delve into over and over again."

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eBog / Bog - Catholicism and Citizenship

22. juli 2017 - 

"With this book, Massimo Faggioli cements his reputation as his generation's premier interpreter of the relationship between American Catholics and the Church in Rome. He is incisive, insightful, and unfailingly constructive in his observations."
- Cathleen Kaveny, Libby Professor of Law and Theology, Boston College

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eBog / Bog - CARDINAL: The Rise and Fall of George Pell

30. juni 2017 - opdateret 25. juli 2017

"The nation’s most prominent Catholic is now the subject of a police investigation into allegations spanning decades that he too abused children. Louise Milligan is the only Australian journalist who has been privy to the most intimate stories of complainants."

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eBog - Merchants in the Temple - Inside Pope Francis's Secret Battle Against Corruption in the Vatican

4. nov. 2015 - 

"In a speech that was said to have been secretly taped, and reproduced in the book, Francis tells key officials, “It is no exaggeration to say that most of our costs are out of control. This is a fact.” He then repeatedly says that if a supplier sends an invoice to the Vatican for a contract handed out without competition, “God help us, but we don’t pay!” "

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eBog - The Great Reformer

1. maj 2015 -

“Austen Ivereigh has produced about the best one-volume biography of Pope Francis that you'll find. The Great Reformer explores the fascinating story of Jorge Mario Bergoglio's life in Argentina, with its highlights and shadows."


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eBog - Sacred Fire

14. dec. 2014 - 

"Ronald Rolheiser is one of the great Christian spiritual writers of our time, as well as one of my own personal favorites.  I have read, and recommended, his beautiful book The Holy Longing more times than I can remember.  His sequel, Sacred Fire, is a superb book--one to give to a seeker looking to find God, to a friend struggling with a relationship with God, to a devout believer looking to deepen his or her faith--or best of all, to yourself, as a way of coming to know the God who desires ever more to know you."

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eBog - Sorting Out Catholicism

9. nov. 2014 - 

Massimo Faggioli offers us a history and broader context of the so-called ecclesial movements of which Focolare, Community of Sant'Egidio, Neocatechumenal Way, Legionaries of Christ, Communion and Liberation, and Opus Dei are only some of the most recognizable names. 

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eBog - Hvis Nonner regerede verden

25. sept. 2014 - 

"In an age of villainy, war and inequality, it makes sense that we need superheroes. And after trying Superman, Batman and Spider-Man, we may have found the best superheroes yet: Nuns." 
- The New York Times 

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eBog - Gud i skolen

16. juli 2014 - 

Gud i skolen – Religiøse dilemmaer i skolens praksis tager udgangspunkt i en række interview med skoleledere, fagfolk,repræsentanter for forskellige trossamfund samt talsmænd fra Ateistisk Selskab og Humanistisk Samfund.

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eBog - Andreas Rude: Ånden over New York

1. juli 2014 - 

"Den veldisponerede guide er for den historiehungrende rejsende, og den inspirerer til at gå på opdagelse og søge viden om den fortid, der også fortæller om nutidens værdier, drømme og forestillinger om byen, der blev skabt af immigranter"

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