Tema: Den katolske kirkes misbrugscoverup i Pennsylvania

En temasiden om den katolske kirkes misbrugscoverup i Pennsylvania

Tema: Den katolske kirkes misbrugscoverup i Pennsylvania

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10. jan. 2019
Peter Steinfels har gjort, hvad ingen åbenbart har gjort før ham: Han har faktisk læst hele Pennsylvania Grand-Jury rapporten.
Det er en stringent, omhyggelig og tankevækkende analyse af hvad rapporten fortæller, ikke fortæller og ikke beviser.
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28. aug. 2018 - MSNBC
By the Catholic church's own count, more than 4,000 priests have been accused of sexually abusing children in America as we are learning more about horrific crimes happening nationwide - often without prosecution. Ali Velshi is joined by Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who led the bombshell report on priest abuse in his state.

24. aug. 2018 - NBC
After a grand jury report revealed widespread abuse among 300-plus Pennsylvania priests over 70 years, the U.S. Catholic Church is facing one of the biggest crises in its history. Religious studies professor Mathew Schmalz explains how the Catholic Church can find its way back.

22 Nyhederne TV2 - 16. aug. 2018 - om det massive cover-up fra den katolske kirke og dens omfattende overgrebs kultur i Pennsylvania gennem 70 år.

Udklip fra "Press Release: Attorney General Shapiro Details Findings of 2-Year Grand Jury Investigation into Child Sex Abuse by Catholic Priests"

  • In the Diocese of Scranton (59 predator priests named), one priest, Thomas Skotek, raped a young girl, got her pregnant, and arranged an abortion. The Bishop, James Timlin, expressed his feelings in a letter: “This is a very difficult time in your life, and I realize how upset you are. I too share your grief.” The bishop’s letter was not sent to the girl. It was addressed to the rapist.

  • In the Diocese of Pittsburgh (99 predator priests named), a group of at least four predator priests groomed and abused young boys. They used whips, violence and sadism in sexually assaulting their young victims. One boy, not yet 18, was forced to stand on a bed in a rectory, strip naked, and pose as Christ on the Cross for the priests. They took photos of their victim, adding them to a collection of child pornography which they produced and shared on church grounds.

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"2 yrs of investigating, a grand jury, 300+ sexually abusive priests & 1,000+ children who carry the burden as Survivors. For too long, the Church has shielded pedophiles, pushing their victims into the shadows."
- Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro

"Our investigation - the largest, most comprehensive report on Catholic child sexual abuse in American history - allows us to finally understand the systemic cover up by Church leaders."
- Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro

Grand Jury: “We need you to hear this. There have been other reports about child sex abuse w/in the Church. But never on this scale. For many of us, those earlier stories happened someplace else. Now we know the truth: it happened everywhere.”
- Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro


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The Grand Jury Report
Report I of the 40th Statewide Investigating Grand Jury
REDACTED By order of PA Supreme Court July 27, 2018
887 side  pdf <her>

Exhibits from the Grand Jury Report
23 slides - PowerPoint <her>

Report Responses
Responses to Report I of the 40th Statewide Investigating Grand Jury
REDACTED By Direction of the Special Master
469 sider  pdf <her>

14. aug. 2018 - længde: 65 min
"2 years of investigating, a grand jury, hundreds of sexually abusive priests & thousands of children who carry the burden as Survivors. For too long, the Church has shielded pedophiles, pushing their victims into the shadows. No longer. Today, we publish the truth."

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23. aug. 2018 - CBS
Pope Francis will arrive in Ireland this weekend for an international Catholic gathering. He's under intensifying scrutiny over the church's handling of sexual abuse by priests. CBS News' Jonathan Vigliotti speaks with Cardinal Blase Cupich, the archbishop of Chicago, and Sister Liz Murphy, a leading Irish missionary, who hope Pope Francis can chart a way forward following last week's Pennsylvania grand jury report.

23. aug. 2018 - CNN
Pope Francis is failing the thousands of victims of abusive priests in the US and around the world, survivors told CNN in emotional interviews.

21. aug. 2018
St. John's Prep has put Brother Robert "Bob" Flaherty on leave following accusations of child sexual abuse. WBZ-TV's Juli McDonald reports.

23. aug. 2018 - CNS
Bishop Lawrence T. Persico of Erie, Pennsylvania, believes clericalism has contributed to the perpetuation of sexual predator priests.

22. aug. 2018
The Diocese of Greensburg has removed one pastor after reviving a credible allegation of sexual abuse. KDKA's Paul Martino reports.

20. aug. 2018 - PBS NewsHour
Pope Francis condemned the Catholic Church's role in covering up child sex abuse by priests in his first personal response to a scathing report on misconduct and assault in parishes across Pennsylvania. What would change and accountability look like? John Yang talks with Douglas Kmiec of Pepperdine School of Law and Kathleen Sprows Cummings of the Cushwa Center of American Catholicism.

20. aug. 2018
She is upset after recent sexual abuse allegations.

19. aug. 2018
Rhode Island's Catholic hierarchy on Monday rejected a new push to retroactively extend the state's civil statute of limitations on child sex abuse, as explosive revelations in Pennsylvania reignited the debate.

20. aug. - Greater Boston
Last week, a Pennsylvania grand jury report declared church leaders covered up for more than 300 predator priests who abused at least 1,000 kids over a 70-plus year period. Pope Francis and Boston Cardinal Seán O’Malley are speaking out in favor of reform, but for many, their statements fall far short. Adam Reilly, in for Jim Braude, was joined by Phil Saviano, a church abuse survivor and founder of the New England chapter of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests; Martha Coakley, a partner at Foley Hoag and the District Attorney who successfully prosecuted two former priests for abuse-related crimes and Mitchell Garabedian, who has represented thousands of victims of church abuse, including some who’s cases prompted the Pennsylvania grand jury investigation.

19. aug. 2018 - NBC
Carol Lee, Yamiche Alcindor, Eugene Robinson and Hugh Hewitt join the panel to discuss fallout from a report detailing abuse in the Catholic Church.

20. aug. 2018 - CBS
Pope Francis on Monday published a scathing letter condemning the cover-up of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church.

20. aug. 2018 - CBS Denver
A woman who lives in Colorado is speaking out to give others hope decades after she suffered sexual abuse, allegedly at a Catholic parish.

20 Aug 2018 - AP
Pope Francis issued a letter to Catholics condemning the crime of priestly sexual abuse and its cover-up and demanding accountability, in response to new revelations in the United States of decades of misconduct by the Catholic Church.

17. aug. 2018 - NBC
After two days of silence, the Vatican and Pope Francis have finally responded to Tuesday’s devastating Pennsylvania grand jury report detailing decades of sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic priests in the state. “The abuses described in the report are criminal and morally reprehensible,” the Vatican said in a statement. NBC’s Anne Thompson reports for TODAY.

17. aug.2018 - France24
US priests sexual abuse: Church needs to learn ''lessons from its past''

15. aug. 2018 - NBC
Boston Globe investigative reporter Michael Rezendes and NBC’s Anne Thompson join TODAY to discuss the bombshell Pennsylvania grand jury report claiming the Catholic Church protected more than 300 priests accused of sexual abuse. “If there was an attorney general in every state in America that wanted to investigate this, they would find pretty much the same thing,” Rezendes said. “The depravity is the same, the criminality is the same, the cover-up is the same”.

16. aug. 2018 - CBS
The Vatican is responding to a Pennsylvania grand jury report detailing sexual abuse by priests. The report says hundreds of priests abused more than 1,000 children, over a span of seven decades. The report said the cover-up of the abuse went all the way to the Vatican. CBS News' Nikki Battiste joins CBSN with the latest developments.

15 Aug 2018 - AP
A priest and religion expert says the scathing report released this week accusing hundreds of Roman Catholic priests in Pennsylvania of molesting more than 1,000 children since the 1940s is a "wake up call to other dioceses in the country."

16. aug. 2018
The diocese of Palm Beach is reacting to that sweeping grand jury report accusing hundreds of priests of sexually abusing scores of children fro decades in Pennsylvania

16. aug. 2018 - NBC2
Three out of the 300 so-called "predator priests" in Pennsylvania have ties to Southwest Florida.

16. aug. 2018
A grand jury report says that internal documents from six Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania show that more than 300 "predator priests" have been credibly accused of sexually abusing more than 1,000 child victims.

15. aug. 2018
"Survivor and activist Marie Collins tells Becky Anderson, CNN, the CatholicChurch must treat child rape and abuse as a crime, not a sin."

16 Aug 2018 - AP
A women who says she was sexually abused by a Pennsylvania priest doesn't think the Catholic Church will make any changes after the release of a grand jury report. Juliann Bortz says she was abused in 1965, and struggles with her religion today.

15. aug. 2018
Shaun Dougherty talks to CNN's New Day about being sexually abused by a parish priest who was also a teacher at his school, saying the church has a morality problem.

15. aug. 2015
Jim VanSickle, survivor of priest sexual abuse in Pennsylvania, shares his story and reacts to the Grand Jury report released on Catholic Church abuse: "It is a major victory for all survivors all over the world... the truth is out there now".

15 Aug 2018 - Associated Press
A Wisconsin man, who was abused by a priest and helped start the group Ending Clergy Abuse, says he wasn’t surprised by a new Pennsylvania report of abuse and calls for a federal investigation of the Roman Catholic church.

15 Aug 2018 - Associated Press
The Bishop of Dallas says he feels anger and pain about a report detailing roughly 300 Roman Catholic priests in Pennsylvania who molested more than 1,000 children - and possibly many more - since the 1940s.