Tema: Pave Frans besøger Cuba og USA

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Tema: Pave Frans besøger Cuba og USA

19. - 28. sept. 2015

25. sept. 2015 - Impact of Pope's U.S. Visit
Pope Francis has energized American Catholics and many others with his message of peace.

2. okt. 2015 Catholic News Service takes a look at the U.S. visit of Pope Francis and the impact it had on Americans.

29. sept. 2015 Fr. James Martin offers three spiritual takeaways to ponder in the wake of Pope Francis' historic visit to the U.S.

27. sept. Ground Zero 2015 reminds us of Assisi 1986. Pope Francis in New York, just like Pope St. John Paul the Second in the city of the little friar, invited representatives of world religions to pray in silence, "each in his own way, together", to "ask heaven for the gift to give ourselves for the cause of peace".

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25 korte videoklip af 2-3 min længde, der viser Pave Frans's USA besøg:

29. sept. Complete Catholic News Service video coverage of the historic visit to the United States by Pope Francis in September 2015.

25. sept. 2015 His Holiness Pope Francis Greets United Nations Staff

United Nations - His Holiness Pope Francis speaks to the United Nations staff.

Video - Livestream og on-demand:

America Media: Your Average American Catholic - A model citizen for a diverse church:

You might be surprised at who is the Average America Catholic. Meet Mary and Maria in this infographic video from America Media. Then read the full article in this week's America magazine: http://www.americamagazine.org/issue/your-average-american-catholic

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