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Faggioli: Two key takeaways from the pope’s TED talk

29. april 2017 - 

"I am a scholar of modern Catholicism and its relations with the world of today. From my perspective, there are two essential elements of this talk that are important to understand: the message of the pope and his use of the media.
 - Massimo Faggioli Professor of Theology"

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Moms fusk af værdier på 2 mio kr. i norsk katolsk menighed - biskop syltede sagen

14. okt. 2016 - 

"Utstyr til religionsutøvelse, som er gaver fra utlandet, er tollfrie. Da Reidar Voith tiltrådte som sokneprest i 2012 oppdaget han at det i forbindelse med import av kirkeinventar var skrevet gavebrev fra søstermenigheter til St. Svithun – noe menigheten ikke har. Dermed antok han at brevene var falske."

Da sognepræsten opdagede sagen i 2012, henvendte han sig til sit bispedømme og sin biskop, der syltede sagen i 3 år, hvorefter menigheden selv gik til toldvæsenet.

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Archbishop Cupich: We know the refugees. They are us

21. nov. 2015 - 

Catholics value our tradition of welcoming the stranger. We know what it is like to be strangers, unwelcome in this land. In 1855, for example, Chicago elected an anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic mayor. Near the end of the 19th century, some Chicagoans joined groups such as the American Protective Association, a secret society whose members promised never to hire Catholics who simply wanted to feed their families. This is our history, but it need not repeat itself.

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A conversation with Archbishop Cupich on the Synod with the Vatican Press Corps

17. okt. 2015 - 

"The Germans along with other countries and cultures are making a singular contribution. They are in touch with a theological tradition. They have some very important voices that are well educated, and they bring that voice to the table. So I weigh them as I do all the others; I listen to what they have to say and I’m very respectful. They come with a great theological tradition. "


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