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Bishop Michael Campbell: The Synod final document

16. nov. 2015

Ærkebiskop Mark Coleridge, Australien skiver på sin blog:

The final document on the Synod on the family has been translated by Bishop Michael Campbell of Lancaster UK. The unofficial translation summarises well the thoughts and hopes of the Synod of Bishops during the three-week gathering in Rome: “The family assumes a particular importance for the Church on her journey: ‘So great was the love with which God began to walk with humanity, he began to walk with his people, until the moment of maturity arrived and he gave the greatest sign of his love: his own Son. And where did he send his Son? In a palace? To set up a business. He sent him into a family.God has entered the word in a family. And he was able to do so because that family had a heart open to love, it had open doors’.”

You can read it here.