Den katolske kirkes misbrugscoverup i Pennsylvania

Kathleen Sprows Cummings: For Catholics, Gradual Reform Is No Longer an Option

24. aug. 2018 - “People will say that there is still holiness in the church, that there are many priests and bishops with good and pure hearts, and they are right. But there are times when the sin is so pervasive and corrosive that it is irresponsible to talk about anything else, and this is one of those times. My once-polite requests for incremental reform have morphed overnight into demands that church leaders voluntarily relinquish their place at the head table. “

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CBS News - Father Boniface Ramsey: "Virtually everyone knew"

23. aug. 2018 - “I had the impression that virtually everyone knew about it," Ramsey said. "Archbishop McCarrick was inviting seminarians to his beach house. … There were five beds … and there were six people. Archbishop McCarrick arranged it in such a way that somebody would join him in his bed “

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Patrick Wall: There’s plenty more to come out

21. aug.2018 - “The Pennsylvania grand jury report states that Urrutigoity was “removed from active ministry” in 2002. That’s not correct.
In 2014, we tracked Urrutigoity to the diocese of Ciudad Del Este, in remote Paraguay, where we interviewed and filmed him. He had been working there for several years and had even been promoted to the position of Vicar General, the second-in-command of the diocese.”

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Susan Reynolds: This morning at Mass, I witnessed something I have never seen, and words still mostly fail me.

20. aug. 2018 - “…And then, in the fifth row, a dad stood up. "HOW?" he pleaded.“ -
update: 24. aug.: “Then the father looked at me and said the most honest thing I’ve ever heard in a church: “You and I have no influence.” 

He was right. And if congregants like me have no influence, and if parents like me no longer feel safe and comfortable bringing our sons and daughters to make Communion, then the Catholic Church is beyond redemption. “

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Karen Tumulty: Why am I still a Catholic?

20. aug. 2018 - “I also believe the Catholic Church should reconsider its position on celibacy, which contributes to an environment of secrecy, and its patriarchal culture, which denies women a meaningful role in its leadership. Those are things that have to be accomplished from the inside.”

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NPR: Interview med Marie Collin

19. aug. 2018 - “David Green talks to NPR's Sylvia Poggioli and Marie Collin, who served on a papal commission on sexual abuse of minors before quitting in protest“

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