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Crux: I en ny video, opfordrer Pave Frans katolikker og protestanter til at arbejde sammen

29. okt. 2014

Miracle of Unity Part 2

Austen Ivereigh, Crux, skriver bl.a.:

Catholics and Evangelicals should not wait for theologians to reach agreement before praying and working together, Pope Francis recently told a group of Pentecostal Anglican bishops in Rome.

To continue to focus on differences between Christian denominations is “sinning against Christ’s will,” the pontiff said, because “our shared baptism is more important than our differences.”

Francis was speaking at a meeting with the ruling body of the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches (CEEC), adding: “We all have the Holy Spirit within us, which prays within us.”

The meeting on Oct. 10 and the lunch at the pope’s Vatican residence, Casa Santa Marta, was in honor of Francis’s friend Bishop Tony Palmer, an Anglican evangelical who was killed in a motorcycle accident in August.

The Pope and Palmer had been working together at the time on an historic joint agreement between evangelicals and Catholics.

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Bishop Tony Palmer and Pope Francis - The Miracle of Unity Has Begun - OFFICIAL VIDEO : The Miracle of Unity Has Begun - Bishop Tony Palmer & Pope Francis. Video by James Green Ending Music - "At Your Table" by Tim Rouse

Bishop Tony Palmer and Pope Francis - The Miracle of Unity has Begun: KCM Minister's Conference 2014

This is the Full un-cut Video of my Presentation and Delivery of both mine and Pope Francis' message to the international Evangelical Leaders at the KCM Minister's Conference, 21-23 Jan, 2014 Fort Worth, Texas, USA. -- 'The Miracle of Unity has Begun' -- For more info contact me on: