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Crux: Vatican's sex abuse panel makes progress

6. okt. 2014

Nicole Winfield, AP, skriver bl.a.:

Pope Francis’ sex abuse commission has made new progress after languishing for much of the past year. It approved its legal statutes, proposed new members and divided up work to focus on reaching out to survivors, holding bishops accountable and keeping pedophiles out of the priesthood, The Associated Press has learned.

The commission met over the past weekend for the third time since it was announced last December.

While Francis’ other expert commissions looking into Vatican finance and administration worked at a frenzied pace through 2014 and finished their projects in recent months, the sex abuse commission never seemed to get off the ground. It lacked organization, a clear mission statement, office space, funding and a full membership roster.

But commission member Marie Collins, herself a sex abuse survivor, told AP on Monday that much progress was made this weekend. It was the first meeting since Francis put the Vatican’s sex crimes prosecutor, Monsignor Robert Oliver, on the job full-time as the commission’s secretary, or No. 2

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