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Mary Ann Walsh: Election of Bishop Coyne to Communications Chair: More of the Francis Effect?

12. nov. 2014

Mary Ann Walsh, America Magazine, skriver bl.a.:

Election of Bishop Christopher Coyne, auxiliary bishop of Indianapolis, as chairman-elect of the U.S. Bishops’ Communications Committee may be another blessing of the Pope Francis effect.  Bishop Coyne was a last minute addition to the two-man slate for chair-elect of the communications committee, when Bishop William Murphy of Rockville Centre, New York, dropped out of the running in light of a Vatican document released last week.

Bishop Murphy quit the slate when the Vatican issued a statement on resignations of diocesan bishops and officials of the Roman Curia, publicized by the Vatican Information Service, November 5. The document modified the presentation and acceptance of resignation from pastoral ministry by diocesan bishops and offices of the Roman Curia.

Bishop Murphy turns 75 on May 2015, when he is expected to hand in his resignation from the pastoral care of his diocese, according to church law. An election as chairman-elect now would seem ineffective given that he wouldn’t really complete a three-year term as chair.

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