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Crux: Letter to Pope uncovers pedophile network in Spain

19. nov. 2014

Inés San Martín, Crux, skriver bl.a.:

ROME — A letter sent to Pope Francis has triggered Spain’s largest clerical sex abuse scandal to date, leading to charges being filed against 10 priests after a college professor wrote to the pontiff to describe sexual abuse he claims to have suffered as a child.

Upon receiving the letter, Francis reportedly telephoned the victim on Aug. 10. In Spanish media accounts, the victim is identified as “Daniel”; his real name has been withheld for privacy reasons.

In the victim’s Aug. 10 conversation with Francis, according to media reports, the pontiff apologized in the name of the Church for the abuse he suffered and encouraged the victim to file civil charges against the priests who he said abused him.

According to Spanish reports, a subsequent police investigation uncovered a criminal network of pedophiles that involves at least 12 people among priests and laity from different parishes in the Spanish city of Granada.

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