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Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith: Putin’s anti-Westernism contains within it a profound anti-Catholicism

25. april 2014

Alexander Lucie-Smith: "Catholic priest, doctor of moral theology and consulting editor of The Catholic Herald" skriver i en længere blogpost bl.a.:

Dangers to religion from too close a relationship to the state are vividly illustrated by Putin today.

Catholics and other Christians in the west who support the agenda of President Putin ought to be aware that this agenda is not really a religious one at all, but rather one that uses religion as a useful cover for ends which are hardly religious, indeed profoundly anti-religious. Mr Putin’s regime is authoritarian, anti-democratic, opposed to all freedom of expression, aggressive to its neighbours, expansionist, and, let us not forget, not disposed to respect treaties that Russia itself has signed up to. It supports tyrannies beyond Russia, and has no compunction about shedding blood in Chechnya and elsewhere.

Catholics who support Mr Putin (who do not of course live in Russia, where his regime’s popularity relies on a state-controlled media, and who have little idea what life in Russia is really like) are being used by the Russian dictator. Moreover, Putin’s anti-Westernism contains within it a profound anti-Catholicism, so Catholics who express admiration for Putin are in fact idolising an anti-Catholic, if they but knew it.

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