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8. juli 2014

Rose Carmelle Lacuta, skriver bl.a.:

A video of a priest humiliating an unwed mother during her baby's baptism has been circulating online, after the baby's grandmother uploaded it on her Facebook account Sunday.

Jieve Daitol Frias, the baby's grandmother, uploaded a video showing Fr. Romeo Obach (not Ubach as earlier reported) of the Sacred Heart Chaplaincy in Eversely Child Sanitarium in Cebu talking to the 17-year-old mother during her baby's baptism.

Speaking in Cebuano, the priest asked the young mother whether she was ashamed that she had a baby with a man who was not her husband.

The priest then went on to say that while the baby had not sinned, her mother did, after she slept with a man who was not her husband.

Obach also warned the mother that the consequences of her actions may be passed on to her child, as her child was born due to sin.

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Update: 13. juli 2014:  idet ovenstående facebook opslag er blevet fjernet, har jeg fundet videoen på youtube og har lagt den her:

N.J. Viehland,  NCR, skriver bl.a.: : Priests apologize for shaming of unwed mom

The Redemptorists in Cebu, central Philippines, on Tuesday announced that an internal investigation into the recorded sermon of Fr. Romeo Obach during the baptism Sunday at Sacred Heart Chaplaincy in Jagobiao, Mandaue City, is underway.

"Rest assured that appropriate SANCTIONS on the part of the involved will be applied once the investigation is complete so that justice may prevail," read the Redemptorists' statement signed by its media liaison, Fr. Alfonso Suico Jr.

"As a religious community we DO NOT CONDONE such an UNACCEPTABLE ACT as it is contrary to the Charism and Mission for which our Congregation was founded -- compassion especially to the poor and the most abandoned."

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