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America: Former Nuncio Guilty of Sex Abuse May Face Prosecution in Other Countries

26. aug. 2014

Gerard O'Connell, America Magazine, skriver bl.a.

The Vatican has clarified the current legal situation of its former nuncio to the Dominican Republic, Josef Wesolowski, and has denied allegations made in the U.S. and other media that it acted in an improper way that prevents him being subjected to judicial process in the Latin American state or in Poland (where he is a citizen).

The Director of the Vatican Press Office, Father Federico Lombardi, S.J., clarified this in a statement to the international media on Aug. 25. He did so in response to questions from journalists about the former nuncio’s situation after the New York Times, followed by other media, published articles which alleged that the Vatican had acted improperly, and against its own guidelines, in the way it handled the case of Wesolowski who is accused of the sexual abuse of minors while serving as nuncio (the Vatican’s ambassador) in the Dominican Republic. The Times and others charged that by recalling him to Rome and invoking diplomatic immunity the Vatican had effectively enabled him to avoid criminal prosecution in the Dominican Republic or in Poland, and also did not share information regarding his crimes with the Dominican authorities.

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he Vatican statement, however, did not explain how it actually related to the Dominican Republic in this case, or what—if any—information it shared, except to say it acted “without delay and correctly.”

Responding to allegations or suggestions in the media that it was in some way trying to cover up or protect the former nuncio from prosecution in the Dominican Republic or Poland, the Vatican insisted that “Far from any intention of a cover-up, this action demonstrates the full and direct undertaking of the Holy See’s responsibility even in such a serious and delicate case, about which Pope Francis is duly and carefully informed and one which the Pope wishes to address justly and rigorously.”

Moreover, Father Lombardi said in conclusion: “We must finally state that since former nuncio Wesolowski has ended all diplomatic activity and its related immunity, he might also be subjected to judicial procedures from the courts that could have specific jurisdiction over him.”

In other words, once the Vatican has completed its own judicial process, Wesolowski could also be subjected to a judicial process in the Dominican Republic or Poland, if either state should request this, as he no longer enjoys diplomatic immunity.

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