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Crux: Hard questions we’re not asking Pope Francis

3. sept. 2014

John L. Allen Jr., Crux: Covering all things Catholic,. skriver bl.a.:

Precisely because there’s so much to like, Francis sometimes gets a free pass on the sort of legitimate questions any other leader would attract

We should be asking hard questions about women's role in the church, sex abuse, his diplomatic efforts, and his commitment to collaboration

Pulling punches is of no help to Francis, who has said, "These are things I need to hear."


As she conceived it, the council would be a mixed body of lay women and men from around the world, perhaps including a married couple. Although it seems the sort of thing Francis might do, he hasn’t so far, and there’s no indication he plans to do so.

The question is, “Why not?”


Francis acted with vigor when the infamous “bling bishop” in Limburg, Germany, was accused of over-spending. Why hasn’t he shown the same zeal in disciplining bishops who drop the ball on abuse charges?


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