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Commonweal Magazine: A Listening Church

26. jan. 2015

Grant Gallicho, Commonweal, interviewer ærkebiskop Blase Cupich:

Q: "Some bishops expressed some confusion about the [Synod on the Family]—whether it was over the media’s coverage of the synod, or what actually took place."

A: "The media is not to blame at all. I think the media reported what actually took place. What really took place at the synod was that a majority of the bishops voted for all the proposals that were there in the final summary document. And I think Cardinal Timothy Dolan said that at the November bishops meeting. It’s true that three of the paragraphs [about divorce and gay people] did not get two-thirds majority support, but they got more than a majority. That’s what’s new. That’s the story."

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Udsendelser i tv og radio: Blase Joseph Cupich

Artikler i aviser / på nettet: Blase Joseph Cupich

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