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2. nov. 2015

Bogen er -den- udgivelse der indeholder de interne dokumenter, der førte til anholdelse af Pave Benedikt 16.'s butler i 2012, en sag der af mange anses for at -den- som udstiller de problemer der endte med at Pave Benedikt valgte at gå af.

BBC skriver i 2012:

"The Vatican called the book "criminal" and vowed to take legal action against the author, publisher, and whoever leaked the documents."

"The controversy began in January, when investigative journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi published letters from a former top Vatican administrator begging the Pope not to transfer him for having exposed alleged corruption."

BBC: <her>

En udgivelse der igen er aktuel pga.:

Vatican Radio: Statement on arrest of former COSEA members <her>

Crux: Vatican arrests two in leak of private documents <her>

America Magazine: Vatican Arrests Spanish Monsignor and Italian Woman for Leaking Confidential Information <her>

Vatican Insider: Vatileaks: Mgr. Vallejo and Francesca Chaouqui have been arrested <her>

Inside the vatican: Letter #53, 2015: Vatileaks, Part 2 <her>

Ratzinger was afraid
The secret documents, the money and the scandals that overwhelmed the pope

Forlaget, Chiarelettere, skrev i 2013 da bogen udkom:

The news of Benedict XVI stepping down has come as a shock. 
Perhaps the world will never know the real reasons behind a choice that will forever remain indelibly written in the history of the Church. 

The Pope’s butler, Paolo Gabriele, has decided to reveal the thorny issues within the Roman Curia and handed me dozens of documents that I have now published along with my research and investigations in this book. 

“Paolo, are you afraid?” – I asked him one day - “Yes, I am afraid – he answered – I am afraid that the Pope doesn’t have the strength to overcome this adversity, to cast the moneychangers from the temple” 

Shortly thereafter, the mayor of Milan, one of the most important cities of Italy, also met the Pope at a ceremony. Very concerned, he too revealed the detail of that encounter to me: “I am struck by that look, Benedict XVI is afraid,…”. “Afraid of what?..” I asked him. 
“I was very ill at ease, here was Ratzinger talking to me like a frightened man. You know, we had set out some chairs in the sacristy of the Duomo, one for him, one for Cardinal Scola and another one for me. Shortly before the ceremony the Vatican informed us that another Cardinal would also be present..” 

The book that will change the history of the Church.

Udgivet: 2013
Længde: 272 sider
Format: Kindle (iPad / Android / Kindle / Mac / Winodws) og iBook (iPad / Mac)
Forfatter: Gianluigi Nuzzi
Forlag: Chiarelettere

Kindle $ 6.99 hos Amazon <her>  

iBook $ 6.99 hos Apple <her>

RATZINGER - WAS AFRAID - Gianluigi Nuzzi The secrement documents the money and the scandals that overwhelmed the Pope