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The Francis Effect: A Bishop in Francis' Mold

15. april 2014

WNYC is a division of New York Public Radio.

WNYC skriver:

When it comes to a priest's sexual orientation, Pope Francis famously said, "Who am I to judge?" But on other aspects of a priest's behavior, Francis has been a stern judge. He has repeatedly called on clerics to live simply and humbly, and to act like pastors, not princes.

Long Island priest Andrzej Zglejszewski has the chance to be a bishop in Francis' mold. In February, Pope Francis appointed the 52-year-old monsignor as an auxiliary bishop for the Diocese of Rockville Centre, which encompasses Nassau and Suffolk counties.

In this interview, Zglejszewski talks about the role, and how Pope Francis has inspired him.

"The ministry of the bishop is all about serving people," he said. "Serving people of all different genders, of all different backgrounds, of all different predispositions, and the best way to have this kind of unified spiritual the humility."

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