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USCCB: The Surprising Humor of St. John XXIII

26. april 2014

Father James Martin. SJ skriver om "The Surprising Humor of St. John XXIII" -  bl.a.:

But my favorite story in Fesquet’s delightful book was of John XXIII visiting a hospital in Rome called the Hospital of the Holy Spirit, run by a group of Catholic sisters. As Fesquet tells the story, “The mother superior, deeply stirred by the papal visit, went up to him in order to introduce herself”: 

“Most Holy Father,” she said, “I am the superior of the Holy Spirit.”

“Well, I must say you’re very lucky,” replied the pope. “I’m only the Vicar of Christ.”


The need for humor in the spiritual life is often underplayed in Catholic circles. Humor is often seen as irrelevant, frivolous or silly. But as John XXIII and so many of the saints show us, it is an essential requirement for a healthy Christian life. 

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