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Direktør i IMF - Christine Lagarde citere pave Frans

28. maj 2014 Update 29. maj  og 30. maj 

Christine Lagarde, direktør for Den Internationale Valutafond holdt d. 27 maj en tale ifm konference om "inkluderende kapitalisme"

Economic Inclusion and Financial Integrity—an Address to the Conference on Inclusive Capitalism

I den citere hun pave Frans:

Fundamentally, excessive inequality makes capitalism less inclusive. It hinders people from participating fully and developing their potential.

Disparity also brings division. The principles of solidarity and reciprocity that bind societies together are more likely to erode in excessively unequal societies. History also teaches us that democracy begins to fray at the edges once political battles separate the haves against the have-nots.

A greater concentration of wealth could—if unchecked—even undermine the principles of meritocracy and democracy. It could undermine the principle of equal rights proclaimed in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Pope Francis recently put this in stark terms when he called increasing inequality “the root of social evil”.

It is therefore not surprising that IMF research—which looked at 173 countries over the last 50 years—found that more unequal countries tend to have lower and less durable economic growth.

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29. maj 2014

The Tablet skriver om konferencen bl.a.

At the same conference in London, the governor of the Bank of England also used the language of Catholic social teaching to diagnose the ills of the world’s banking system and outline ways it can be made to serve the whole of society.

In his speech, Mr Carney, a Catholic, said prosperity required “not just investment in economic capital, but investment in social capital”, adding that market integrity was “essential” to fair financial capitalism.

He said business needed to be seen as a vocation, “an activity with high ethical standards” and responsibilities. Inclusive capitalism, he concluded, was a system where “individual virtue and collective prosperity can flourish”.

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Mark Carney tale kan ses som video - eller læses i pdf format <her>

Governor Mark Carney's speech given at the Conference on Inclusive Capitalism, London on Tuesday 27 May 2014.

29. maj 2014

Financial Times: Can capitalism be reformed?

With the financial sector under fire in the post-financial crisis world, a conference was held in London to see if capitalism could become more inclusive. Daniel Garrahan reports on whether capitalism should be reformed.

30. maj 2014 

I The Tablet skriver Loughlin Hickey bl.a.

Lagarde and Carney are on the right track

There remains a way to go on the journey, but Christine Lagarde and Mark Carney should be encouraged that the elements they talked about can be combined into a practical, powerful and restorative formula for business success, predicated on business purpose contributing to a more cohesive and fairer society.

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