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NBC News: Ann Curry talks to Bishop Cupich, upcoming Archbishop of Chicago

17. nov. 2014

Father Blase Cupich to Take Over Archdiocese of Chicago

Father Blase Cupich is the new archbishop who will oversee the nation’s third largest archdiocese.

November 5 America editor in chief Matt Malone, S.J., traveled to Spokane, Washington with Ann Curry and an NBC news team to interview Bishop Blase Cupich, the incoming archbishop of Chicago. Watch the report that aired on Sunday night November 16 on NBC Nightly News below

America Magazine skriver

Special podcast interview with NBC's Ann Curry ahead of tonight's interview with Bishop Blase Cupich, 6:30 ET.

Ann Curry on Covering the Church
Special Podcast

Ann Curry talks of NBC News about her interview with Bishop Blase Cupich, conducted with America, ahead of his installation as archbishop of Chicago on November 18. Curry also talks about her own faith journey and what it's like covering the pontificate of Pope Francis.

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Ann Curry Reports   |  November 16, 2014

Ann Curry talks to Bishop Cupich, upcoming Archbishop of Chicago
Bishop Cupich talks about focus on the poor, mercy, inclusiveness, abortion and homosexuality. He says the church’s metaphor should be 'open arms'.

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A Closer Look at the New Archbishop of Chicago

Mary Ann Walsh, America Magazine, skriver bl.a.:

A telling look at Chicago’s Archbishop-designate Blase Cupich comes from an interview with NBC News’s correspondent Ann Curry and America editor Father Matt Malone. (The interview aired on NBC Weekly News tonight. An edited transcript of the full interview is available here.)

Bishop Cupich reveals what formed him growing up as one of nine children in a Croatian family in Omaha, his vision for the church where people, especially the poor, need help, and his assessment of Pope Francis. He sees the Francis era as a renaissance moment for the church, perhaps, he said, bigger than the Second Vatican Council.

“I think this is a great moment in the life of the church. I think it is as significant, even more so, maybe, than the Second Vatican Council—because he’s taking – the pope is taking – a lot of the insights of the Council and really making it happen,” said Archbishop Cupich. He quotes someone who notes that after the Council St. John Paul II advised what to do, Pope Benedict XVI said why to do it, and Pope Francis, now says “do it.”  

From a transcript of the interview, one sees a man who made the meteoric rise from bishop of Spokane, Washington to head of the cardinalatial see of Chicago. The move positions him to become a force nationally and internationally, an amazing accomplishment for a man who apparently was on barely anyone’s list for the appointment and who has never even met Pope Francis.

Archbishop Cupich reflects values learned at home, from a father of nine who developed Parkinson’s disease at age 48 and still took life head-on. He was a mail carrier who still remembered the needs of people even when illness made him leave his job. When Meals on Wheels became a possibility for his community and he volunteered with the St. Vincent De Paul Society, he remembered the isolated, malnourished people he had met on his rural mail route. He pursued the government program for townspeople, only to be stifled by local bureaucracy. The older Cupich’s response? Run for office against those who blocked the program. He won, and today the Meals on Wheels program still is operational.

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