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ABC Australia: Vatican Blocks Australian Bishops

7. nov. 2015 -

Noel Debien, Australian Broadcasting, skriver 30. aug. bl.a.

STORY 1: Vatican Blocks Australian Bishops

You may or may not Have been keeping your eye on the Royal Commission into sexual abuse, but on Monday last week, there was some important testimony given.You probably heard the bishop's opinion about Cardinal Pell - that he broke the unity of the Australian Catholic bishops response. Those were the headlines

But retired Catholic bishop Geoffrey Robinson, who led the church's response to sexual abuse right up until 2004 gave MUCH more significant testimony than that. And the media seems to have largely ignored it. He got an earlier hearing because the bishop has terminal cancer.

Not only his words, but the documents TABLED IN EVIDENCE (see in particular Document ID: CTJH.304.07001.0027 (Letter from Apostolic Nuncio to Archbishop Denis Hart), and Document ID: CTJH.221.06028.0128 (Letter from Bishop Robinson to Archbishop F Brambilla)) are quite important in understanding how Australian Catholic leaders have had one arm tied behind their back the whole time. By the Vatican. More importantly, they still do in 2015. Right now.

These matters caught the attention of our special guest, Kieran Tapsell. He's a lawyer, and the author of a book called Potiphar's Wife- about the deep secrecy surrounding sexual abuse in church circles. The Pontifical Secret.

Kieran Tapsell on new evidence before the Royal Commission
New evidence shows how Australian Catholic leaders attempting to combat sex abusing clergy had one arm tied behind their back the whole time.