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France 24: Pressure on Pope: Can the Catholic Church recover from sex abuse scandals?

28. aug. 2018

27. aug. 2018

Pressure on the Pope. After again apologizing on his weekend trip to Ireland over repeated Church scandals, Francis dismisses the cover-up claims of a conservative retired US prelate. The sex abuse scandals keep coming and so do the cover-up claims. What to make of this one from the Vatican's right flank? Now, what next? A more liberal path? Or will the Church stick to its guns on homosexuality, women's rights and the celibacy of priests?

Produced by: Michele BARBERO, Tommaso MAZZANTI and Van MEGUERDITCHIAN.

Father Aidan TROY Parish Priest, Saint Joseph's Catholic Church, Paris
Austen IVEREIGH Author of "The Great Reformer: Francis and the making of a radical pope"
Michele DILLON Professor of Sociology, University of New Hampshire