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Boston College Shake It Off

26. okt. 2014

Boston College, skriver på deres website:

Taylor Swift gives a shout to BC C21's 'Shake It Off'

'BC Shake It Off,' the promotional video for this year’s 'Espresso Your Faith' week, has caught the eye of the song's originator Taylor Swift, who shared her enthusiasm for it in a tweet. The video, produced for the C21 Center by John Walsh '15 and John Campbell '17, featured more than 1,000 BC students and faculty 'shaking off' their worries, fears, and insecurities.

Og skriver bl.a:

When a couple of Boston College students started work on a video last month, they had one mission: Ramp up the buzz around Espresso Your Faith Week, which examines the way BC students incorporate religion into their day-to-day lives. But they also hoped that Taylor Swift would notice the clip, since her hit “Shake It Off” served as its soundtrack.

Last night, Swift recognized the hard work put in by John Campbell and John Walsh and took to Twitter to show her appreciation.

Walsh, a sophomore, and Campbell, a senior, are both involved with the campus group Church in the 21st Century (C21). The group, created in 2002 in the wake of the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal, helps brainstorm ways “to facilitate or be a catalyst for conversation” around students’ faiths, according to associate director Karen Kiefer.

Espresso Your Faith grew out of Agape Latte, a series of student and faculty talks that focuses on the intersection of life and faith. (Agape in a biblical sense meansselfless, sacrificial, unconditional love.) In September, Kiefer and C21 board member Walsh decided they’d like to spread the word about Espresso with a video and enlisted Campbell, the group’s video editor.

Hele  artiklen er <her>

Taylor Swift, den amerikanske dance og pop-sanger skriver på twitter:

Videoen er her:

This student produced video was inspired by the C21 Center's "Espresso Your Faith Week" at Boston College, to serve as an invitation to Shake Off our burdens and choose to foster "Agape: unconditional love that seeks nothing in return" in the lives of others.

Men som artiklen fra omtaler, så har de gjort det før - her er Happy fra 27. feb. 2014:

(Remember to set the settings to 720p or 1080p!) 140 students, faculty, staff and alumni. 32 locations around campus. Six days. We hope you're as happy watching as all of us were filming Boston College's take on Pharrell Williams' Oscar-nominated song "Happy".

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