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Italy's 'singing nun' covers Madonna's 'Like a Virgin'

21. okt. 2014

Josephine McKenna  Religion News Service, skriver bl.a.:

Italy's singing nun Sr. Cristina Scuccia, who became a global sensation after winning a TV reality show, has chosen Madonna's controversial classic "Like a Virgin" as the first single from her debut album.

Scuccia, 26, says her version of the salacious pop song is a "testimony of God's capacity to turn all things into something new" as well as her personal calling to be a nun.

A black-and-white video of the nun's cover has been released on the musical site Vevo. Dressed in full black habit and veil, wearing black shoes and a cross around her neck, she sings against stunning backdrops in Venice. There are none of the raunchy moves Madonna included in the original version, filmed on the city's gondolas in 1984.

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25. sept. 2014

»Sister Cristina recording at Universal Music’s studio«

CNA skriver:

The Italian bishops’ newspaper Avvenire reported on the recent release of the video which features footage of Sister Cristina recording at Universal Music’s studio.

“The work will be done in time to be a Christmas present,” the report states.

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5. juni:  Den syngende nonne – vinder ”The Voice Of Italy”

i bunden af denne omtale finder du selve finalen - klik <her> så kommer du direkte dertil.


24. marts: "En 25-årig nonne fra Sicilien tager lige nu verden med storm efter at have optrådt på tv i den italienske udgave af The Voice" skriver Kristeligt Dagblad.

KD skriver endvidere i deres omtale bl.a.

Efter at være blevet valgt til at gå videre i konkurrencen blev nonnen spurgt, hvorfor hun dog har meldt sig til konkurrencen.

"Jeg har fået en gave - og jeg giver den videre," var hendes svar. Hun er heller ikke bange for, hvad pave Frans måtte sige til hendes tv-optræden: "Jeg regner med at få et telefonopkald fra ham", siger hun glad. "Han siger altid, at vi skal gå ud og sprede budskabet".

"Det er derfor, jeg er her". 

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The Voice Of Italy: Suor Cristina Scuccia

pr. 31. maj 2014 set af > 50 mio på YouTube.

Kardinal Gianfranco Ravasi skrev på sin twitter:

16. april 2014
Sister Cristina Scuccia Soars To Next Level On The Voice Italy

Catholic News Service (CNS) skriver bl.a. på deres blog:

God is still #1 for the nun who wants to have fun

og CNS har lagt en engelsk oversættelse af hvad der bliver sagt - bl.a. dette:

"I noticed something, something that is very rare. When Sister Cristina sings, she has a gift: the ability to radiate joy. I saw it, looking at the coaches, looking at the audience. It’s instantaneous. I am, how can I say this, really sorry to have to choose [interminable pause]
But I’m going ahead with Sister Cristina."

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24. april 2014

Suor Cristina Scuccia Vs Benedetta Giovagnini

29. april 2014

Intervista a Suor Cristina dopo l'exploit di The Voice

4. maj 2014

The Voice Of Italy "Rumour Has It"

7. maj 2014

Kylie Minogue a The Voice Of Italy

7. maj 2014

Suor Cristina Scuccia canta "What a feeling"

14. maj 2014

Suor Cristina Scuccia canta "Uno su mille"

22. maj 2014

Suor Cristina - "Livin' on a prayer" 

"Whoa, hun er halvvejs" skriver Catholic News Service på deres blog - og tilføjer:

A religious sister singing a Bon Jovi mega-hit with a British boy band for backup?

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22. maj 2014

Il Team J-Ax canta "E io ci sto"

28. maj 2014

Suor Cristina Scuccia canta "The time of my life"

"Sister Cristina will face the final judgment… on The Voice" skriver Catholic News Service på deres blog.

Regardless of all the jokes that voting for anyone other than #SuorCristina would incur excommunication, it seemed to be a given that Ursuline Sister Cristina Scuccia would make it to the finals of The Voice of Italy.

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29. maj 2014

Suor Cristina Scuccia canta "Sally"

5. juni 2014 - Clean Bandit a The Voice Of Italy

5. juni 2014 - J-Ax e Suor Cristina cantano "Gli anni"

5. juni 2014  - Suor Cristina Scuccia canta il suo inedito "Lungo la riva"

5. juni 2014 - Suor Cristina è "The Voice of Italy 2014"

6. juni CatholicHerald skiver bl.a. Singing nun, Sister Cristina wins talent show final

An Italian nun has shot to fame after winning a TV talent contest.

Sister Cristina Scuccia was crowned winner of the singing contest, The Voice, which is popular both in Italy and the UK.

After the results were announced last night, Sister Cristina said: “My presence here is not up to me, it’s thanks to the man upstairs!” She continued: “I’m not here to start a career but because I want to impart a message.”

She explained she was following Pope Francis’s call for a Church close to ordinary people and then proceeded to recite the Our Father on stage.

Sister Cristina is a member of the religious order, the Ursuline Sisters of the Holy Family, who has described herself as a former rebel

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6. juni 2014 - 

The New York Times skriver bl.a.:

Sister Cristina beat out four rivals on Thursday to arrive at the title, and the final came down to the diminutive nun and a 28-year-old rocker channeling a 1970s heavy metal look.

“I want to thank everyone who has helped me during this difficult period, thanks for having protected me many times, " Sister Cristina said after winning, citing her fans; the middle-aged nuns who have religiously followed her performances in the audience; and her coach J-Ax, a 41-year-old rapper. The odd couple was redubbed “the devil and the holy water,” an Italian idiom for a most unlikely alliance.

“I hope you can make a change out there, and be an example,” said J-Ax, although he professed that he remained an atheist.

In an interview in the Milan daily Corriere della Sera, J-Ax expressed his hope that Sister Cristina would make a record. “It’s a great opportunity,” he said. “But the earnings, all the earnings have to be earmarked to build a hospital or an orphanage in Brazil,” where Sister Cristina worked with poor children. “No one can earn a penny from it,” he said.

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Wikipedia: Cristina Scuccia