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Joke with the Pope

12. okt. 2015

The Honorary Comedic Advisor to the Pope - Rabbi Bob Alper! | Joke with the Pope

What’s It All About?

JOKE WITH THE POPE was created by the Pontifical Mission Societies, the Catholic Church’s official support organization for overseas missions since 1822, providing for a global network of people who are making a difference for communities in need around the globe.

These change-makers offer help to the most vulnerable communities of our world. They provide essential education and health care, social outreach and advocacy, and pastoral service. They offer spiritual comfort. They make the difference for the poor and forgotten.

Behind each cause on JOKE WITH THE POPE you’ll find one of these change-makers. Now, you can help support their work by downloading Missio, the new mobile app created by the Pontifical Mission Societies. The app connects you with a network of change-makers benefiting the most marginalized in our world. On Missio, you can explore various causes, donate to specific projects, and be inspired by the good work happening around the globe right now

About Missio

Behind every cause on Joke With The Pope is a change-maker half a world away. And these are just a sample of the great work happening around the world—work you can be a part of through Missio. Download Missio. Be a Change Maker.

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