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How Pope Francis is Changing the Church

19. marts 2015

March 1, 2015 @ 3-5pm

How Pope Francis is Changing the Church
Featuring Rev. James Martin SJ, Andrew Sullivan & Natalia Imperatori-Lee
Moderator: Maurice Timothy Reidy '93 

America Media and Fordham Prep hosted a conversation between renowned author and Editor at Large of America, Fr. James Martin, S.J., British author, editor, internet blogger, and founder of the Dish, Andrew Sullivan, and Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Manhattan College, Natalia Imperatori-Lee about the impact of Pope Francis on the Church during the first two years of his papacy. Maurice Timothy Reidy, Prep class of 1993 and Executive Editor of America, moderated the conversation.

James Martin, S.J.

The Rev. James Martin, S.J. is a Jesuit priest, author and editor at large at America, the national Catholic Review. Father Martin is the author of numerous books including The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything: A Spirituality for Real Life (HarperOne, 2010), a New York Times bestseller. His most recent book Jesus: A Pilgrimage (HarperOne, 2013) is also a New York Times bestseller. Besides articles in Catholic publications like America  and Commonweal,  Fr. Martin has written for numerous other publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Boston Globe. He has commented on religion and spirituality in the national and international media, and he has appeared on major radio and television networks.  Fr. Martin also has been a regular guest on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report .

Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan is one of the world's most widely read bloggers and political commentators and the author of six books. After receiving a Ph.D. from Harvard in Political Science, Mr. Sullivan was appointed Editor of The New Republic in 1991, where he was named Editor of the Year by Adweek in 1996. In the late 1990s, Mr. Sullivan worked as a contributing writer and columnist for The New York Times Magazine, a regular contributor to The New York Times Book Review, and a weekly columnist for The Sunday Times of London. Since 2002, Mr. Sullivan has been a regular guest on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher and was the most frequent guest ever on the Colbert Report. In the summer of 2000, Mr. Sullivan became one of the first mainstream journalists to experiment with blogging and soon developed a large online readership with The Dish. His essay in 2013, "Untier Of Knots: What is the Meaning of Pope Francis", received widespread praise.

Natalia Imperatori-Lee

Natalia Imperatori-Lee is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Manhattan College in Riverdale, NY. She teaches in the areas of contemporary Catholicism, U.S. Latino/ a Theology, and gender studies. She holds a Ph.D. in systematic theology from the University of Notre Dame. Her research area is contemporary ecclesiology, including the impact of U.S. Latinos/as on the North American ecclesial landscape, and feminist theologies. She has published several articles in academic journals such as Theological Studies, Listening, and the Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology. Her most recent article “Father Knows Best: Theological Mansplaining and the Ecclesial War on Women” will appear in the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion in the spring. Her article Pope Francis and Cuba: replacing embargo with encounter appears in the online journal The Conversation. She is currently working on a book for Orbis Books on the importance of narrative in Catholic ecclesiology.

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How Pope Francis is Changing the Church