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Gerard O'Connell: Were 'Hidden Funds' Really 'Discovered' in The Vatican?

20. dec. 2014

Gerard O'Connell, America Magazine, skriver bl.a.:

Did the new Secretariat for the Economy established by Pope Francis earlier this year really “discover”’ some  “hundreds of millions of dollars” in hidden funds in the Vatican, as Cardinal George Pell wrote in an article for the Catholic Herald, a UK weekly, on December 4, and the media reported worldwide?

In reaction to this news, an internal document was prepared in the Vatican which examines and disputes this claim. The seven page text, which has not been made public but which America’s Vatican correspondent has seen, provides important background history, information and clarification regarding the funds in question and states clearly that, far from being "discovered," the information about them had already been made available to the group of lay experts appointed by the pope last year for the reorganization of Vatican finances, before the Secretariat for the Economy came into existence.  


Given the above facts, the “Note” says it cannot therefore be asserted that the Secretariat of State ‘hid’ these funds that were only now ‘discovered’ by the Secretariat for the Economy. 

Apart from clarifying this matter, the “Note” actually raises many questions including whether such funds should be now managed by the Secretariat of State or by another entity, and whether the information regarding how they are spent should be made public. It also asks the question as to whether the funds accumulated by the Secretariat of State, which are raised for works of charity and religion, should be used also to cover the running costs of the Roman Curia.

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