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America: The Beam in Our Own Eye: Pope Francis speaks to Europe, and to the Church

3. dec. 2014

Francis X. Clooney, SJ, America Magazine, skriver 28. nov. bl.a.:

In his address to the European Parliament and to the Council of Europe on Tuesday, Pope Francis put an amazingly open and inclusive vision before his audience, of openness, dialogue, and inclusion. I need not review the entire document, since Gerard O’Connell has already done this very well, in these very pages. <her>

My addition is to suggest that Francis is speaking a double-edged word, challenging not just secular leaders but also the Church, particularly its leaders. He is asking Europe to get out of its rut, and in doing so, he is also putting his – our – Catholic credibility on the line, for he knows that he can hardly challenge Europe to ideals that are not practiced in the Church itself. 

Is not the Roman Church itself always in danger of being the quintessence of the old West, overly centralized and afraid of new ideas and new modes of conversation? Consider just a few passages from his speech; by way of experiment, read his words as applying also to the Church.

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