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Maradiaga: "Curia reform will foster collegiality"

2. dec. 2014

Interview with the coordinator of the C9, the council that is helping Francis restructure Vatican dicasteries: “There will be fewer cardinals in the Vatican and a reform of the Secretary of State is being looked into”

ANDREA TORNIELLI, Vatican Insider, skriver bl.a.:

Since he became coordinator of the council of cardinals that is assisting the Pope with the reform of the Roman Curia and the government of the universal Church, the Archbishop of Tugucigalpa, Oscar Andrés Maradiaga has been paying frequent visits to Rome. A Salesian, he will turn 72 at the end of December and has been a cardinal since 2001. He is also President of Caritas internationalis. He received us in the St. Martha House residence just before the C9 meeting is due to take place.

Some criticise your work and say that the work being done to reform the Curia has not produced any results. Is it happening or is it not happening?

“First of all, I would like to say that the reform process is underway. The first step was the creation of the Secretariat for the Economy and this is already happening in leaps and bounds. It was the number one item on the agenda: three of the council meetings e held focused just on that topic and the Secretariat was created as early as February. In last July’s meeting we worked some more on this. The effects may not be so visible on the outside but on the inside there are big changes taking place: now every dicastery is required to present a budget which will be made public.”


Will there be fewer cardinals serving in the Holy See’s offices when Curia reform comes into force?

“Of course, that is the idea. The Curia must no longer be perceived as a papal court or as the Church’s centralised super-government. It needs to be an energetic structure, there to serve the papal ministry.”


But opposition is also growing, especially internal opposition...

“Of course there is opposition. But we live in a single-minded world. Not everyone must necessarily think in the same way. But if we have faith, we must always remember that he is Peter.”

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