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Crux: Francis might want to take Turkey’s deal on Islamophobia

John L. Allen Jr., Crux, skriver:

ANKARA/ISTANBUL, Turkey — Pope Francis came to Turkey this weekend in part to stress religious freedom, a message of clear relevance in a region where the self-declared “Islamic State” has had catastrophic consequences for religious minorities, very much including the pope’s own Christian flock.

It’s a familiar theme from Francis, as is the cautious support he voiced for anti-ISIS military action, saying “it’s legitimate to stop an unjust aggressor.”

What has been new about this visit to Turkey, however, has been the pushback from his Muslim hosts.


Francis’ plan for Christian peace seems to be to grow, via friendship and common cause, into a new spiritual space, where progress on doctrinal and structural fronts may become more thinkable.

In the end, that’s really why Francis came to Turkey.

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