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Commonweal: Less Tolerance for Clericalism; New CDW Prefect

26. nov. 2014

Robert Mickens, Commonweal, skriver bl.a.:

If people actually paid attention to what Pope Francis says and writes – that includes bishops and cardinals, even those retired – they would not be at all confused about where he’s trying to move the church. And one thing they’d grasp immediately is that he has little tolerance for clericalism and those ambitious for ecclesiastical promotion. 


The appointment of good bishops will be essential if Pope Francis hopes to change the culture of the church and bring about true ecclesial reform and renewal. Until he is able to rescue the “bishop-making system” from being an incestuous and self-perpetuating “old boys network,” he will have to rely on his apostolic nuncios and members of the Congregation of Bishops to follow the criteria for good pastors that he has enunciated on numerous occasions. There are signs that this is beginning to happen. 

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