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VaticanInsider: Pave Frans' svar til journalister på flyet fra Tel Aviv til Rom

27. maj 2014

VaticanInsider skriver bl.a.

Pave Frans talte til journalister om bord på flyet fra Tel Aviv til Rom, besvarede spørgsmål på stående fod i en time på trods af sin udmattende tur.

Abuse against minors
"A zero tolerance approach needs to to be adopted with regards to this issue.”

The 15 million Euros that were embezzled from the IOR and given to Lux Vide and the financial scandals
"For example, 1600 illegitimate accounts have been closed down in the IOR. The IOR is there to help the Church, bishops, dioceses, Vatican staff, their widows and embassies have the right to an account with the IOR, but no one else"

The gestures made during the visit to the Holy Land and the meeting with Peres and Abu Mazen
“The most genuine gestures are those which are made spontaneously. "

Populism and European elections
"Populism in Europe, trust and mistrust, some theories about the Euro ... I don’t know much about this kind of thing. But unemployment is serious: we have a global economic system that is centred on money, nit a human person."

On Palestine’s capital, Jerusalem
- About Jerusalem, all I will say is that it should be the city of peace of the three religions.”

Priestly celibacy
- "The door is always open given that it is not a dogma of faith.”

Relationship with the Orthodox Church
"We spoke about the pan-Orthodox council so that something can be done about the date for Easter. It is a bit ridiculous: tell me, when does your Christ rise fromt he dead? Mine will next week. Well, mine was resurrected last week."

Visit to Sri Lanka and the Philippines and religious freedom
" I think there are more martyrs now that the early Church had seen."

My potential resignation
"I believe that if a bishop of Rome feels he is losing his strength, he must ask himself the same questions Pope Benedict XVI did.”"

Pius XII’s beatification
"But there’s no miracle and at least one is required for beatification. I can’t think of whether I will beatify him or not.”"

Remarried divorcees
"Each case needs to be looked at separately. I would like to return to something Benedict XVI said on three occasions: the procedures for the annulment of marriage must be looked into, the faith with which a person enters marriage must also be examined and we also need to make it clear that the divorced are not excommunicated. So often they are treated as thought they have been excommunicated. "

Obstacles standing in the way of Curia reform
“The first obstacle is me! 

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