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CNS: Pope Francis also said there is not enough discussion in the church about women

30. juni 2014 - 

 Carol Glatz, Catholic News Service. skriver bl.a.:

Many of today's social ills are driven by a lack of adequate social policies and government support, not just selfishness and moral degradation, Pope Francis said.

And, he added, standing up for the poor and disenfranchised is not a sign of being a communist, but is the mark of a true Christian.

"The communists stole our cause. Rallying for the poor is Christian," and it was so for 2,000 years before Karl Marx picked up on it, the pope said in an interview published June 29.

The interview published in the Rome newspaper, Il Messaggero, touched on the challenges of reforming the Roman Curia, the role of women in the church, the causes behind many of today's social problems and Pope Francis' vow to remain neutral during the World Cup soccer tournament.


The Gospel speaks to both the rich and poor, he said. "It doesn't condemn the rich. At most (it condemns) riches when they become the object of idolatry -- the god of money, the golden calf."

Pope Francis also said there is not enough discussion in the church about women, and "I agree that there must be more work on the theology of women."

"Women are the most beautiful thing that God made. The church is female," he said. There must be a "greater deepening" of understanding of femininity "or else one can't understand the church herself."

Concerning his ongoing reform of the Roman Curia, the pope said he was not carrying out some personal agenda, but was doing "what the cardinals requested during the general congregations before the conclave."

Reforming the governing bodies of the church is not easy, he said, "because you move one step forward, but then it turns out you need to do this or that and if there was one dicastery before then they become four."

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