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Vatican Insider: Peace prayer by Palestinians and Israelians in Vatican Gardens sunday

7. juni 2014

6. juni - Vatican Insider skriver bl.a.:

Francis to host Jewish, Christian, Muslim prayers in which Palestinians and Israelis will intermingle.

Politics and spirituality do not always go hand in hand, not even in the quest for peace, but most certainly the religious aspect can summon unsuspected resources and cross what might appear as otherwise unsurmountable boundaries – as foreseen by Pope Francis when he extended his invitation to President Shimon Peres and President Mahmoud Abbas during his recent visit to Jerusalem.

Sunday’s prayer ceremony will see Israeli and Palestinian religious and political representatives praying side by side according to their faiths, along with nearly all the highest officials of Christian churches in the Holy Land, most of whom hold double responsibilities for their faithful in both Israeli and Palestinian territories, and some in Jordan as well

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