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America: Full Transcript of Pope's Press Conference

15. juli 2015

Gerard O'Connell, America Magazine, skriver bl.a:

Pope Francis acknowledged that he has not given sufficient attention to the middle class when he speaks about the world’s economy, but instead has focused much on the polarization between the rich and the poor and the throw-away culture. He said he has “erred” in not thinking more about the middle class, but now intends to give more study to this. 

He denied reports that he had chewed coca leaves on this trip to eight-day trip to Latin America, in which he showed extraordinary physical energy and stamina for a man of his age. He said drinking “mate” – the herbal infusion that many in Argentina drink – helps him a lot.

He discussed all this and much more in an hour-long press conference on the flight back from Asuncion to Rome, July 12-13, in which he responded to a wide range of questions from reporters travelling with him. He fielded reporters’ questions, from the different language groups, within 30 minutes after takeoff, quite an amazing feat given that all this came at the end of an action packed day.

In the middle of the press conference, he gave reporters a lesson on adopting a proper hermeneutic for the interpretation of speeches and statements, to help them avoid misrepresenting what he says.

In answer to other questions, he spoke about the current dramatic situation of Greece and said all the blame cannot be put on that country; he hoped the international community will find a solution, and also provide ways to prevent something similar to other countries.

He downplayed his own and the Vatican’s role in helping the United States and Cuba reach agreement, and gave full credit to both countries.

Speaking about the shaky peace process in Colombia, he expressed his strong conviction that the peace talks cannot fail.

He also spoke about the importance of the popular movements in the world, and in supporting them he said he was following the Church’s social doctrine. 

NOTE: The following is a full transcript of the Pope’s press conference. The translation is the result of a pool effort by several English-speaking journalists travelling with him. The author has sought to revise the translation. It is a working translation until the Vatican provides an official o

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