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Gerard O'Connell: Pope Appoints Archbishop Gallagher as Secretary for Relations with States, Replaces Cardinal Burke with Archbishop Mamberti

8. Nov. 2014 - 

The sixty-year old friendly, astute and courageous Gallagher, whose motto is “Walk humbly with God”,  has served in the Holy See’s missions in Tanzania, Uruguay, the Philippines, as Observer at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, and then as nuncio to Burundi, Guatemala and Australia,  where he was at the time of his new appointment.


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John Thavis: Synod ends on a cautious note; Pope Francis says church must open its doors

18. okt. 2014 - 

Among the temptations, he said, were those of a “hostile rigidity” that wanted to close the church inside the letter of the law, expressed today by so-called “traditionalists.” He also warned against a false charity by so-called “liberals and progressives,” as well as the risk of adapting too easily to the spirit of the world.

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