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eBog - Pope Francis: Life and Revolution: A Biography of Jorge Bergoglio

15. okt. 2014

Forlaget, Loyola Press, skriver:

In Italy, they call him il Papa, which means “The Father.” Until his unprecedented election, author and friend Elisabetta Piqué called him Padre Jorge. He may have changed his name to become Pope Francis, but it did not change their friendship.

Since Jorge Mario Bergoglio became Pope Francis in 2013, countless books have been written to help the world understand this deeply complex yet simple servant of God. What sets Pope Francis: Life and Revolution apart from all other biographies of Pope Francis is the careful research and original investigation behind it, along with the fact that it is written by an internationally respected journalist—Elisabetta Piqué—who has remained close to the Pope since first meeting him back in 2001.

Over 75 individuals were interviewed for Pope Francis: Life and Revolution, including lay people, priests, bishops, and cardinals who have known or worked with Francis at various times in his life. Insights from these people, as well as from friends and family members, allow us to see a profoundly personal side of the Pope. His humility and humanity, courage and conviction, and warmth and wisdom are revealed as Piqué shares little-known episodes from Francis’s life.

With a foreword by Cardinal Seán O’Malley, O.F.M. Cap., Pope Francis: Life and Revolution is the definitive resource and narrative of a man personally known by few and revered and respected by many. Pope Francis: Life and Revolution reveals a man consistent in his beliefs and actions. He is a spiritual leader unwavering in his love for God, whose inner joy and peace move him and can inspire us to serve the least, the last, and the lost

Udgivet: 2014 (21 okt.)
Længde: 328 sider
Format: Kindle (iPad / Android / Kindle / Mac / Winodws),
Forfatter: Elisabetta Piqué
Forlag: Loyola Press

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Om forfatteren, Elisabetta Piqué:

Elisabetta Piqué has been a correspondent in Italy and the Vatican for La Nación, Argentina’s main newspaper, since 1999.  She was the only reporter to write that Cardinal Bergoglio, whom she has known since 2001, would be elected pope. 

Born in Florence, Italy, she was educated and grew up in Argentina. After obtaining a degree in Political Science and International Relations from the Catholic University of Buenos Aires, she began her journalistic career.  She reported on wars and conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, theMiddle East and major international events including the handover of Hong Kong to China. 

Læseprøve - 50 sider:

Argentine journalist Elisabetta Piqué has covered Pope Francis since his days serving as Archbishop, then known as Jorge Bergoglio. In this video, she talks with Jesuit Timothy Kesicki about her encounters with Pope Francis and what sort of man she finds him to be. Introduction by Fr. James Martin, SJ.

TIME: Exclusive Excerpt from Forthcoming Pope Francis Biography

Elisabetta Piqué is an Argentinean journalist who reports on Italy and the Vatican.

Divorce, clerical celibacy and the ordination of married men (and possibly women) are all issues the Pope has known he may face—and is committed to handling by synod

Toward a Different Kind of World

The challenges Pope Francis faces are gigantic. Beyond his intended cleanup of the central governance of the Church, beyond making its finances more transparent—both of which are essential if the gospel is to be spread throughout the world—he has many other issues to deal with. These revolve around putting into practice the rich outcomes of the Second Vatican Council that have yet to be realized: greater collegiality, more synodality in the decision-making process of the Catholic Church, and decentralization.

Sooner or later, however, he will also have to tackle burning issues such as the situation of divorced people who have remarried and the ordination of married men (viri probati) to solve the problem of the shortage of priests—as well as reconsidering the role of women and laypeople in the life of the Church, and perhaps also the obligation of clerical celibacy…


Archbishop Quinn states: “When we talk about communion, we have to ask ourselves about the nature of the Eucharist. Is the Eucharist just for the elite, the saintly spiritual elite, or is it also for those who are struggling to be better people and who want to grow? Is the Eucharist only for those who are no longer sinners?”

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Huffington Post: How to Write the Pope's Biography

Listen to Elisabetta Piqué discuss her process and experience in writing Pope Francis's biography, Pope Francis: Life and Revolution: A Biography of Jorge Bergoglio.

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