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eBog - Mercy: The Essence of the Gospel and the Key to Christian Life

9. okt. 2014

Forlaget, Paulist Press, skriver:

"This book has done me so much good."
- Pope Francis.

From one the leading intellects in the church today one whom Pope Francis has described as a "superb theologian" comes perhaps his most important book yet.

Available for the first time in English, Cardinal Kasper looks to capture the essence of the gospel message. Compassionate, bold, and brilliant, Cardinal Kasper has written a book which will be studied for generation

A Reader's Guide to help individuals and discussion groups reflect on Cardinal Kasper’s wisdom. <her>

Udgivet: 2014
Længde: 262 sider
Format: Kindle (iPad / Android / Kindle / Mac / Winodws)
ISBN: 978-15876-8365-7
Forfatter: Walter Kasper
Forlag: Paulist Press

Kindle $ 11,48 hos Amazon <her>  


Kasper's book: Mercy has been 'criminally neglected,' which is a 'catastrophic' situation

Thomas Ryan, National Catholic Reporter, skriver bl.a.:

Cardinal Walter Kasper's most recent book translated into English bristles with the claim that mercy has been "criminally neglected" in recent dogmatic theology, a "disappointing, even catastrophic" situation.

This neglect has not been universal. St. John XXIII sought "the medicine of mercy" over "that of severity" in inaugurating the Second Vatican Council. St. John Paul II dedicated his second encyclical, Dives in Misericordia, to it and canonized St. Faustina Kowalska, known for her popular image of and devotion to Divine Mercy.

The current pope also values mercy. During the most recent conclave and while still Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, he received a copy of this book from Kasper and remarked, "Ah mercy! This is the name of our God."


Kasper's latest book is the work of a justly renowned scholar. It prepares a solid foundation for others in different contexts to build upon. Yet, it is also the mature work of one who grew up during Hitler's rise to power, has witnessed great changes in the church, and been a leader in the promotion of Christian unity and reconciliation with Judaism.

With a wisdom born of much experience, Kasper seeks not simply to inform but to transform and to do so now. He concludes the book's longest chapter with a kind of coda that reflects not an octogenarian weariness but an urgency the church and world need to hear: "The experience of divine mercy encourages and obliges us to become witnesses to mercy in the world. ... Human mercy … is the concrete form of divine mercy in the world."

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