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Al-Akhba: Information indicates Father Paolo Dall’Oglio is alive and in ISIS captivity

13. juni 2014 

Al-Akhba skriver bl.a.:

Father Paolo Dall’Oglio has sparked controversy since the beginning of the Syrian crisis. He declared his support for the revolution, visited al-Qusayr rebels and went to the city of Raqqa via Turkey where he disappeared. Since then, rumors have emerged that he was kidnapped and killed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Since he disappeared on July 29, 2013, many people have waded into the story of the 59-year-old Jesuit priest Paolo Dall’Oglio. There has been a lot of talk and different stories told about this case but very few facts are known. In what follows, Al-Akhbar publishes information about the fate of the Italian priest and developments in his case.

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